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    All you need to know about ABS in your car

    Have you ever had to suddenly stop your car from high speeds and wonder how the car stopped a few feet away from the car in front of you?

    Car Battery Maintenance - How to maintain and maximise battery life?

    Car Battery Maintenance - How to maintain and maximise battery life?

    The car battery is the backbone of your car; they provide the necessary power to get your engine running. However, car batteries do not last forever and will need to be replaced in a few years.

    Why Should You Install A Dash Cam In Your Car?

    Why Should You Install A Dash Cam In Your Car?

    Indian roads are strewn with cars, bikes, and auto-rickshaws, and if you're lucky, you will get to witness a random cow magnificently lying in the middle of the road. No matter where you travel in India, the roads are sure to keep you entertained, despite the endless traffic.

    The Ultimate Travel Guide for Long Drives

    The Ultimate Travel Guide for Long Drives

    Whether it is a weekend getaway or a long adventure trip, road trips are great to experience the thrill of driving on open roads.We know that road trips are all fun and games until the first hour of the journey passes. And with each passing hour, we start to feel uncomfortable and tired of sitting in one place for extended periods.


    5 Reasons Why You Should Store a Printed Road Map in your Car

    You may have stumbled upon this article while looking for something else, and the title could leave you wondering, “Do we still need to produce paper maps?”


    Limited Edition Renault Triber Launch On Women’s Day

    On International Women’s Day, Trident Renault conducted an event at the Mysore Road Showroom to honour women for their relentless efforts and spread the message of gender equality.

    Renault Kwid and Triber

    Renault Cars Bangalore February 2022 Discounts and Offers

    Trident Renault brings you exciting discounts on Renault SUVs this February!


    How to Sanitize your Car

    With the Coronavirus fast-spreading, the safety of your family becomes your utmost importance. Although scientists claim that the vaccine is around the corner, the age-old saying “Prevention is better than cure” stands true in today’s scenario.


    Recognizing the Outstanding Efforts of Graduating Students

    Trident Automobiles hosted the Employees Children Educational Distinction Awards on 5th January 2022 to award graduating students for their exemplary performance in their final exams.


    How do I find my lost car keys at home?

    Do you ever find yourself running late looking for your car keys in the morning? You’re not the only one. One of the most frustrating first-world problems is when the universe is so perfectly aligned, making you lose your keys on the day of an important meeting.


    Why Should You Wear a Seatbelt In Your Car?

    According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), out of the 22,215 passenger vehicle occupants killed in 2019, 47% were not wearing seat belts. Despite all the technological advancements over the years, the seat belt is by far the most effective injury-prevention device in your car...


    What is Emergency Brake Assist?

    Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) is the term for automobile braking technology that increases braking pressure during an emergency. What automotive engineers call a driver-adaptive system is the electronics that control the brake assist, measure and monitor the driver’s typical driving pattern, including the application of brakes.


    What Does A Service Advisor Do At A Car Dealership?

    A service advisor is a professional who takes care of you and your vehicle at the dealership. They are usually the first people you encounter at a dealership.